Bring Your Own Device

At Lansvale Public School, we believe in the concept of students bringing their own device to school and recognise that this opportunity will give them greater access to the essential skills needed as 21st Century learners.

We do not recommend any Tablet devices running the Google Android operating system. Devices running Android have poor compatibility with NSW Department of Education wireless internet. Students bringing an Android device may find many Android apps inoperable whilst at school.

[prkwp_service name=”BYOD – FAQ (Concerns & Common Questions)” serv_image=”518″ link=”http://web2.lansvale-p.schools.nsw.edu.au/technology/byod/byod-faq/” link_text=”Go to FAQ” css_animation=”appear”]Click here for answers to any concerns or common questions you may have![/prkwp_service][prkwp_service name=”BYOD – Recommended Devices” serv_image=”516″ link=”http://web2.lansvale-p.schools.nsw.edu.au/technology/byod/byod-recommended-devices/” link_text=”Go to Recommended Devices” css_animation=”appear”]Click here for a list of our recommended devices![/prkwp_service][prkwp_service name=”Apple Family Funded Program” serv_image=”523″ image=”icon-apple” link=”http://store.apple.com/au_eduind-k12-discounted_802782″ link_text=”Apple Store”]Lansvale Public School have negotiated discounts for our families on Apple Devices. Please see the Apple Family Funded website below to view all available devices.[/prkwp_service]

2019 BYOD Online Registration

Please use the button below to go to our BYOD Registration website. We recommend using Google Chrome on a desktop computer or Laptop to complete this process.

Apple Family Funded Program

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