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Parents and Citizens Association – P&C

The Department of School Education, and this school, encourages participation because:

  • Parents have a unique knowledge and understanding of their own children,  being their first and most influential educators
  • Parents have the right, through their responsibility to and for their children, to be informed about their children’s learning and to participate in reaching decisions which affect them
  • Parents have talents, interests, energies and skills which enrich the life and program of the school.


Whats does the Education Act 1990 say about schol parent organisations:

  • Promote the interest of the school by bringing parents, citizens, students and teaching staff into close co-operation;
  • Assist in providing facilities and equipment for the school and promoting the recreation and welfare of the students at the school;
  • Encourage parent and community participation in curriculum and other educational issues in schools;
  • Report, when requested by the Minister, on the material requirements of the school and advise on the subject of maintenance of the school, alterations and additions to school facilities and the selection of new sites;
  • Assist and co-operate with teaching staff at public functions associated with the school;
  • Be responsible for the election of parent representatives to any school council constituted at the school in consultation with the principal of the school; and
  • Assist in any other matters in which the Minister may seek the co-operation of the Association.


For more information, see the Federation of Parents and Citizens Association of NSW website: http://www.pandc.org.au/

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