• The teachers at Lansvale Preschool are a passionate team dedicated to teaching and nurturing the children’s individual personalities and learning capabilities. They are always trying to find innovative ideas and concepts to incorporate into daily play to enhance each child’s individual needs and interests.

    Preschool Parent
  • I set my mind at rest when my kid be there with you-preschool teachers at Lansvale School. Thank you so much for all!

    Preschool Parent
  • My son’s wellbeing is well looked after by all the staff at LPS preschool. He happily comes to school and doesnt want to leave when I pick him up.

    Preschool Parent
  • I love how the preschool makes learning fun, takes into account the individual’s interests and is relevant and practical to the children’s lives.

    Preschool Parent
  • … the educators are the most dedicated and hard working staff. It’s a wonderful homey atmosphere they’ve set. My son wants me to take him to school everyday.

    Preschool Parent
  • As a parent it is exciting to see children to grow and develop, as they embark on their learning journey to being, belonging and becoming, active and engaged learners of preschool.

    Preschool Parent
  • … I can see her curiosity growing each day from preschool!

    Preschool Parent
Statement of Excellence: Lansvale Public School Preschool

At Lansvale Preschool we strive to be a centre of excellence for early childhood education (Lansvale Preschool Philosophy, 2016). Lansvale Preschool is part of Lansvale Public School in South Western Sydney. Our families are predominantly of Southeast Asian origin with 96% of children coming from Non-English Speaking backgrounds. Our learning culture is reflective of our aspirant community and exemplary educators. Lansvale promotes exceptional practice through our collaborative and inclusive partnerships, demonstrated leadership, pedagogical practice and the commitment to sustaining excellence in practice. Our submission addresses the 3 criteria through a website presentation that details how our programs and practices are excellent and how outcomes for our children and families are improved through our strategic planning and self assessment processes.


Criterion 1: The service exemplifies and promotes exceptional education and care that improves outcomes for children and families

Theme 1: Collaborative partnerships with professional, community or research organisations
Theme 2: Practice and environments that enhance children’s learning and growth
Theme 3: Inclusive partnerships with children and families
Theme 4: Commitment to children that respects, reflects and celebrates culture and diversity, including place of origin.
Theme 5: Sustained commitment to professional development and support of educators
Criterion 2: The service demonstrates leadership that contributes to the development of a community, a local area, or the wider education and care sector
Criterion 3: The service demonstrates commitment to sustained excellent practice through continuous improvement and comprehensive forward planning.